Bacteria live in a rich milieu, surrounded by both friends and foes. Understanding how bacteria adapt to their environment (and make the environment itself more hospitable) gives us a better picture of what goes on in the microbial world, with exciting applications to medicine, agriculture, and biotechnology.

Research in the Findlay lab is interdisciplinary, encompassing the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, chemical spectroscopy (especially NMR and mass spectroscopy), and natural product chemistry. To learn more about our current projects and the lab please click on the links above or below.

Now Accepting Graduate Students

Applications for graduate study in the Findlay lab are currently open. In particular, I am looking for applicants for a fully-funded position position focused on discovering new antibiotics. Details on the position can be found here, and potential students can contact me at Brandon.Findlay@Concordia.ca. Please include your CV, transcript, and a brief description of your research experience/interests.

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