Graduate Students

Maythem Maythem Ali 2016-Present
BSc Concordia University (2015)

As part of his MSc, Maythem is investigating regulators of natural product biosynthesis bioactive compounds natural products produced by Gram-negative bacteria.

 Bahar Bahar Pakseresht 2017-Present
PharmD Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences and Health Services (2017)

As part of her MSc, Bahar is investigating marine myxobacteria and the compounds they produce.

Graduate Diploma Students

Mona Mona Maarouf 2017-Present

BSc Beirut Arab University (2009)

Mona is studying the regulation of natural p roduct biosynthesis in Gammaproteobacteria.

Undergraduate Students

Mona Mona Hashemi 2017-Present

Mona is evolving antibiotic-resistant E. coli as part of a Bio 490 honours project.

Zach Zach Schiffman 2016-Present

Zach is isolating new environmental myxobacteria as part of a Chem 450 honours project.

Lab Alumni

Nour Nour Ghaddar 2016-2017

Nour completed both a Chem 450 and a Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Award in the lab (2016-2017), evolving E. coli strains with interesting phenotypes.

Katerina Katerina Zouboulakis 2016-2017

As a volunteer in the lab Katerina helped isolate bacteria from soil environments.

 Default Evelyn Huaman 2016

As a volunteer in the lab Evelyn worked to isolate interesting new strains of bacteria.