Graduate Students

Maythem Maythem Ali 2016-PresentBSc Concordia University (2015)

As part of his MSc, Maythem is investigating regulators of natural product biosynthesis bioactive compounds natural products produced by Gram-negative bacteria.

Undergraduate Students

Mona Mona Hashemi 2017-PresentMona is evolving antibiotic-resistant E. coli as part of a Bio 490 honours project.
Zach Zach Schiffman 2016-PresentZach volunteering in the lab, isolating predatory bacteria from terrestrial and marine environments.

Lab Alumni

Nour Nour Ghaddar 2016-2017Nour completed both a Chem 450 and a Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Award in the lab (2016-2017), evolving E. coli strains with interesting phenotypes.
Katerina Katerina Zouboulakis 2016-2017As a volunteer in the lab Katerina helped isolate bacteria from soil environments.
 Default Evelyn Huaman 2016As a volunteer in the lab Evelyn worked to isolate interesting new strains of bacteria.