Brandon Findlay

Assistant Professor

Academic History

University of Alberta (PDF, 2013-2015)
Alberta Innovates Health Solutions Postdoctoral Fellowship
University of Manitoba (PhD, 2013)
Manitoba Health Research Council Graduate Studentship
Simon Fraser University (BSc Hon, 2008)

Brandon started his research career at Simon Fraser University, attempting to crystallize the bacterial transmembrane protein YidC with Dr. Mark Paetzel, while also working with Dr. Pete Wilson on the total synthesis of marine natural products. Moving to the University of Manitoba, he studied the design and synthesis of novel cationic antimicrobial peptides and aminoglycosides with Dr. Frank Schweizer. After finishing his PhD he worked as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. John Vederas on the characterization of tridecaptin A1, a bacterial lipopeptide with interesting antibiotic activity against Gram negative bacteria.

Now an Assistant Professor at Concordia University, Brandon is fascinated by how tight-knit bacterial communities thrive in almost any environment on earth, from volcanic vents to the core of glaciers. A chemical biologist at heart, he strives to understand how these communities use natural products to alter the behaviour of other microbes and how they in tern adapt to their surroundings.

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